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German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Authentic German cuckoo clocks distributed locally!


At Designed in Time, we are proud to offer you a specialized cuckoo clock experience. We offer authentic German Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest right to your doorstep! All of these clocks are handmade and come from legendary clockmaker, Hones.


Designed in Time is also dedicated to the individual customer experience. Choosing a cuckoo clock is an important process and we ensure that someone will be there every step of the way to guide you in the process. So please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you in all of your cuckoo clock endeavors!


Cuckoo clocks are better (and cheaper!) than Yoga at releasing holiday stress

Discover Why.

Find your perfect gift with the Ultimate Cuckoo Clock Guide!


Best Clock Museums to Visit

Best Clock Museums in the World   The German Clock Museum Easily one of my top choices, the German clock museum is a fascinating destination with over 8,000 unique timepieces. Exhibitions explore early experiments with sun time as well as world time. This is also the home of the world-famous cuckoo clock! The German Clock Museum has a thorough history of every clock imaginable, including the alarm clock. If are a die-hard clock enthusiast, you can also check out their library that contains boundless resources on everything about clocks. The museum is located in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald. The National Watch and Clock Museum Located in Columbia, PA, this museum is dedicated to the history, science, and art of timekeeping. It... Read More

Top Attractions in The Black Forest

The Black Forest has been one of Germany’s premier tourist destinations and for good reason too! It boasts some of the finest outdoor adventures, spas, cuckoo clocks and much more. It’s no wonder that their primary industry is tourism. So, should you ever find yourself in Germany, here are a few must-see tourist destinations.   1.) Lake Titisee Approximately 66 feet deep and covering 320 acres, this lake is a magical setting and the source of numerous tales. Created by the Feldberg glacier, Lake Titisee has been recorded throughout history and captured the imagination of story tellers across the years. Today it attracts vacationers during both the winter and the summer. During the winter, if the lake has a solid... Read More