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German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Authentic German cuckoo clocks distributed locally!


At Designed in Time, we are proud to offer you a specialized cuckoo clock experience. We offer authentic German Cuckoo Clocks from the Black Forest right to your doorstep! All of these clocks are handmade and come from legendary clock maker, Hones.


Designed in Time is also dedicated to the individual customer experience. Choosing a cuckoo clock is an important process and we ensure that someone will be there every step of the way to guide you in the process. So please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you in all of your cuckoo clock endeavors!


Why Cuckoo Clocks Are Your Gift Solutions! 

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Cuckoo Clock Crash Course!

Are you new to the land of cuckoo clocks? Confused about the difference between a 1 day and 8 day movement? Maybe you don't know why they call them "Black Forest"? All of your answers lie here!

Cuckoo Clock of The Year

Did you know that such a thing exists as the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock of the Year?   Yup! It is a competition amongst clockmakers that is hosted annually by the Black Forest Clock Association. Competitors usually include the most well-known cuckoo clock makers such as Engstler, Hones, Schwer, Schneider, Herr, and Rombach & Haas. Clockmaking contests are an age-old tradition in the Black Forest as they started long before the cuckoo clock was even made. In fact, the modern design of the cuckoo clock was inspired by the winner of one of the most historic clock making competitions ever. The design, as you may know, was Eisenlohr’s and it was the rail house. Like the clock competitions of several... Read More

Engstler Cuckoo Clocks

Engstler Cuckoo Clocks   The Engstler Cuckoo clock shop was founded in 1952 when Josef Engstler opened his cuckoo clock shop in Vilingen. This is a small town in the Black Forest that still remains home to Engstler cuckoo clocks. Now in its third generation of cuckoo clock making, the Engstler company is run by Gerold Engstler and is supported by approximately 20 employees. They have a distinct style and quality that have long since set them apart from other clockmakers and have been combining age old hard work and skill with modern technology. Despite the latest technology, each Engstler cuckoo clock is still hand made from scratch and is the product of honed skill and Black Forest linden wood.... Read More