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Cuckoo Clock Crash Course

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

I realize that many people are searching for the perfect gift to give a loved one, however it can definitely be an overwhelming task! That's why we broke it down to make it easier for you to make the right decision. So this is a collection of our favorites and they are in a variety of styles to fit every need.

Don't know where to even begin?


The first question- What style of clock are you looking for? 

The clocks that look like little houses are appropriately named Chalet style. The clocks that are made of wood and hand carved are also quite simply called Carved or Traditional Style. 

Second Question- What is your budget?

Typically a tighter budget would make a quartz clock ideal as they are battery operated (most traditional ones are mechanically operated) and therefore not as authentic. The most luxurious of cuckoos are traditional 8 day. Aka the "real deal" ;) This simply means that it only has to be rewound every 8 days. A good happy medium is a 1 day cuckoo meaning that it only has to be rewound once a day. It is still authentic but affordable.

Third Question- Do you want it to have music?

This is the most simple of the questions and all styles of cuckoos come with music.

That is the beginners crash course on cuckoos. Want something more in depth? Check out the full buying guide here!

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