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Cuckoo Clock Home Decor Ideas

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

One of my other favorite hobbies is home decor. Perhaps that is why I like Black Forest cuckoos so much! As cuckoos are a vital aspect of your home’s decor, I thought I would share some ideas of how other people utilize their cuckoos! They blend our favorite modern looks with time tested tradition!


Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Home Decor

The first one is a wall of various types of clocks. This room radiates life which is mainly due to the vibrant colors that help one another be known. The clocks are arranged in a manor that gives it a rather haphazard feel, but this just adds to the life and character! I also appreciate the various styles of clocks with the focal point being the big white cuckoo. I also love the fact that the chair is almost the exact shade as the wall. The cuckoo itself appears to be more modern than the traditional Black Forest cuckoo and (I may be just a LITTLE biased) I think that a cuckoo with more substance could give more shape to the room. It also would have helped to have something else wood in the room as the table might fit the picture just a little better. Overall though, this is a fantastic set up! Would you have the same color scheme?


Black Forest Cuckoo Clock in Victorian Syle


Classic all the way! Everything about this parlor is grand in classic victorian style. We love how the cuckoo accents the wall and matches well with the door frame next to it. This cuckoo appears to be a Black Forest and we appreciate the theme of traditional grandeur. The curtains also add an elegant touch to this parlor. They break the theme only once by placing a bright green plant by the window. It appears that the next room has the exact same style and color scheme, so I assume the plant is an effort to liven the room. However I would likely have lightened the mood with more Black Forest decorations as I feel that the plant appears a little out of place. Would you have added the plant or brought in something else?

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock in Modern Home


A common theme I am seeing all of these room containing a cuckoo clock is that they all have an elegant style with very unique character. This room, rather than having a clock wall, chontains mostly pictures, suggesting the room offers a more traditional form of art. Unlike the first picture that had a flat modern cuckoo, this one sides with a Black Forest hunters style cuckoo, but keeps a modern feel by selecting a white cuckoo. I think the deer head and two birds on the cuckoo offer a sense of outdoor character that goes well with the flowers depicted in the paintings. Perhaps I would have favored a different arrangement of the paintings and the clocks, but overall it has a nice light feel and adds character to what would have been an odd combination of a steel colored wall and a light wooden table set.

Cuckoo Clock used as Home Decor

The color combinations here are definitely the most skilled in all the cuckoo clock decor pictures we have seen. Check out how they have envelopes that perfectly match the shade of the cuckoo and the only other bright color is the green leaf sports an elegant little flower. Now I’m afraid that I must disappoint you that we do not offer blue cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest (as that is not a traditional color from the Black Forest) however I think they could have also easily put in a cuckoo made of deep colored linden wood and it would have added to the other color scheme of brown to white. Do you think they could have pulled it off? I also want to comment the little pine cones that they used as weights. In my books, these make up for the cuckoo’s lack of Black Forest authenticity 100%!

Black Forest Cuckoo in Home with Animal Themes

This was one of the most interesting ideas! I would not have guessed that a Black Forest cuckoo could have fit into this picture, but I guess they are more versatile than I thought! I love how it demonstrates that a cuckoo can add life to even the most crisp and trim style of houses. I also appreciate the outdoorsy schemes going on here. They appear to own traditional Black Forest cuckoos, one with a bird and leaf style and the other two with a hunting style. Notice that sitting next to them is a group of owls also native to the Black Forest. (Check out our owl clocks here) And just for good measure they added in a plant which we could even say compliments the leaf styles seen in all of the Black Forest cuckoos featured. My only complaint here is the the rather gloomy looking hallway. I just want to see more cuckoos! ;)

Cuckoo Clock as Home Decor with Dog

Well in the last picture, my favorite aspect of it was the animal theme. While this one doesn’t have a Black Forest animal theme, I think many of us can agree that we don’t mind the extra doggie decor! At least the white dog matches the color scheme! ;) And speaking of the white theme, we also have another main focal point on the cuckoo clock! This one also appears to be a more modern style, though it takes after the Black Forest hunting theme and was probably chosen for its white color that matches the windows and provides contrast to the paint job. I must say that while that is likely not the color I would have picked to go with the beautiful hard wood floor, it did turn out rather nicely. Did you catch that they also put in a backpack that matches the wood floor? Would you have chosen a different color?

Cuckoo Clock Decor


I saved the best for last! This setting definitely wins the character award! I love how the room radiates energy with all its reds, blues and greens. It sports the whole rainbow, but I think it is done with taste and (perhaps extravagant) style. Notice at the edge we have another white cuckoo above the flower vase. It really jumps off the wall as it contrasts the calm shade of blue that graces the wall. Look at the ceiling and notice how it appears to be a renovated farm house. I thought the cuckoo was a great way to create add character to the wall and it also continues the outdoorsy feel that comes with a farm house. I think that the plain cuckoo might have been a good choice here as a traditional Black Forest might have become too much of an attention grabber in an already exuberant setting. I see a red, blue and green color scheme… do you see anything else?


I hope you enjoyed these images as much as I did. I am definitely not a home decor professional, however it is something that I have long since enjoyed and have spent… well.. lets just say NUMEROUS hours browsing on Pinterest. Send me a picture of how you use your cuckoo to light up your home! I always LOVE seeing different ideas!

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