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Don't Let Your Clock Drive You Cuckoo!

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

As cuckoo clocks have such a long lifespan, it is inevitable that sometime during the generations of use it will need a little adjusting. So over the next 7 days we will offer a hint or tip that might help you out. Many of these fixes are quite simple and don't require much time or effort. 

Tip for 12/9:

Why won't the cuckoo bird pop out even though everything else is functioning?

-If your clock is new make sure you have unlocked the latch on the cuckoo bird's door. You can see that done in the video here  at 1:43.

-If your clock has just been shipped (from repair or because it is new) make sure you have removed the clips that keep the bellows together. You can see this in the video here at 0:57.

-If your clock has night shutoff, check that the shutoff is still operating by pulling the loop down or moving the lever down. What does the night shutoff lever look like and what is the loop? There are two different designs of night shutoff. The first design is black heavy wire with a loop that comes out of the bottom of the clock. You can see it in the video here at 1:48. The second design is just a lever coming out of the side of the clock. You can see it in the video here at 1:53.



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