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Engstler Cuckoo Clocks

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Engstler Cuckoo Clocks


The Engstler Cuckoo clock shop was founded in 1952 when Josef Engstler opened his cuckoo clock shop in Vilingen. This is a small town in the Black Forest that still remains home to Engstler cuckoo clocks. Now in its third generation of cuckoo clock making, the Engstler company is run by Gerold Engstler and is supported by approximately 20 employees. They have a distinct style and quality that have long since set them apart from other clockmakers and have been combining age old hard work and skill with modern technology.

Despite the latest technology, each Engstler cuckoo clock is still hand made from scratch and is the product of honed skill and Black Forest linden wood.

The current president of Engstler cuckoo clocks is still a daily fixture in the workplace at the age of 82. His experience and wisdom is passed on to the next generation to ensure that the quality of Engstler remains among the best in the world. The youngest member of the Engstler family is the 10 year old wood carver-to-be. From the most senior to the most junior member of Engstler, passion, dedication and hard work are a prominent characteristics in all. The company is currently looking to pass it on to the fourth generation.

Each part of the cuckoo clock is planned before the construction begins. The figurines come from the Gardena Valley in South Tyrol, Italy. Their figurines are world famous and among the most desirable. The music boxes are sent from Switzerland whose quality has yet to be duplicated. Everything else, such as the wood and movements, originate in the Black Forest.

While many products today are made in different factories, the Engstler cuckoo clock is made from scratch to finish right in the Engstler factory in Villingen-Schwenningen. Each person working in the Engstler factory has their own specialized skill. For example- one person may only ever pain the cuckoo clocks. Another person may only ever carve. Each skill takes years of practice and is not easily achieved. In fact, to become even just an apprentice carver, you must have practiced for three years!

They will always be a leader in the tradition of cuckoo clocks, though they also have a flare for innovation and forging ahead for the future of cuckoo clocks. Engstler assisted the development of the first quarts or battery operated movement for cuckoo clocks and they were one of the first companies to offer quartz clocks.

Engstler clocks does not shy away from taking on special challenges to carry out exciting projects like the MINI clock, where the car of the same name came out of the case instead of a cuckoo. An additional project was a clock which, instead of the typical cuckoo call, croaked “Kärcher”.

We can’t wait to see what the Engstler family comes up with next! We are sure that their age old quality will stand for many more years and as they themselves have said, “Engstler has become synonymous with quality.”

Check out our latest cuckoo clock from Engstler! We are sure that you will enjoy them as much as we do!

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