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Gift Giving Guide

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

We all hate those awkward situations when you don't know if you should give a gift... or worse, what to give! Is it too much? Is it enough? Ugh! Decisions, decisions! Here is a guide that should help you navigate those sticky situations.

Gift Giving Guide 1 

Gift Giving Guide

 NOTE: Each number in the chart is matched with the numbers below

1.) It is a good friend and you guys hang out every week... yeah, I think they deserve a good gift! If it’s someone you have known for several years and you still hang out I would give them something that will be meaningful and unique to that person’s personality. Really good friends are difficult to come by and for those few that are always there for you, you should go all out for them… because they would for you! This person would be a prime candidate for a cuckoo clock!


Now if this is a person that you hang out with just because of circumstances, but you wouldn’t hang out with that person alone, then maybe just get them a gift that won’t make them feel left out. Just don’t give your other friends a big gift right in front of him/her. If you hang out with this person because your friends like this person… he/she is probably still a pretty good person!


2.) If you hang out once a month, this is probably a person that a simple plate of cookies would satisfy.  However if it is difficult to hang out because of travel or other circumstances, but you wish you could hang out more, then perhaps this is another person that deserves to have a meaningful gift! Make every second you do have with that person count!


3.)If you see this person every week, but you never hang out maybe your friends just don’t mesh? If that is the case then, a simple card or baked cookies will do the trick! However, if this person is a colleague that you see every day at work than you don’t need to bring that person a gift. Instead, I would recommend bringing something for the whole team to enjoy, such as a treat for the break room.


4.) If you talk to this person less than once a month, but they are still an old friend, I recommend sending a nice card. This person would also be an ideal candidate for a gift card.


5.) If this is a friend that you talk to less than once a month, you probably aren’t that close and don’t need to send a gift.


6.) If you don’t plan on getting gifts for your immediate family, I think you should reconsider. The only time that this might be acceptable is if your family decides not to do presents one year. Rather what you should do is make an effort to help your family members out, particularly if you live together. Just doing something nice like doing their laundry or the dishes is sufficient.


7.) They aren’t your immediate family but you do talk every month, so they probably deserve something… right? Maybe a cost effective solution is to simply have a family get together and have one gift for the entire family.


8.) You talk to them about every two months, so perhaps you do it out of formality? If that’s the case… I think I would pass. A nice card would be sufficient. Or if you’re really nice a gift card.

9.) If you don’t talk to them once every two months I don’t think they need anything. Their present can be your presence at a holiday get together.

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