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Hones Cuckoo Clocks

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

Many of the best cuckoo clocks in the world come from a small factory in the Black Forest by the name of Hones. Founded in 1950, Hones Uhren was the clock shop and factory that resulted from Daniel Hones’ passion and dedication to the future of the cuckoo clock.

Now with multiple Black Forest Clock of the Year awards, Hones cuckoo clocks is heralded as one of the top makers of Black Forest cuckoos. 

The company has been handed down to the expert hands of Wolfgang Trenkle, who still runs the shop and is president of the company. Coming from a family of Black Forest clockmakers, Mr. Trenkle made his first cuckoo clock from scratch as a young boy and never looked back.

Trenkle has now done a fine job of running the Hones shop for 30 years. The company has grown to approximately 60 employees and the popularity of the Hones cuckoo clock continues to skyrocket.

In addition to the cuckoo clock, Hones also manufacturers grandfather clocks and anything else that is trending in the Black Forest.

They offer 450 different styles and models.

You can find 1 day, 8 day, chalet, quartz and carved cuckoos in a variety of prices and artistic designs.

Hones even offers a variety of modern cuckoo clocks, which have become the rave of home decor enthusiasts.

How do you make sure you have a true Hones cuckoo clock?

Each Hones clock has the company logo, in place of the 12, on the top of the clock’s face. With this marking, you can be sure that you have a true authentic Hones cuckoo clock from the Black Forest.

But what makes a Hones cuckoo clock an authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock?

An authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock is not titled so because it is exceptionally old or magically crafted.

Rather, every Black Forest cuckoo clock that can claim to be authentic has to be made by a set of real human eyes and real human hands.

They also are created, almost entirely, of material produced directly in the Black Forest. For example, the wood for the cuckoo clock must be linden wood directly from the Black Forest.

The only part of the cuckoo clock that can be made elsewhere is the music box. Everything else is made in the Black Forest and hand carved, never machine made.

Hones cuckoo clocks all carry the seal of authenticity, so you can be assured that your cuckoo clock was truly handmade in the Black Forest with Black Forest material.

Hones is proud of what they have accomplished, but nevertheless forge ahead to continue to improve the Black Forest cuckoo clock.

What began as a simple shop in the Black Forest is now a major distributor of clocks across the globe.

Not only can tourists appreciate the Black Forest cuckoos, but you can too!

Trenkle was one of the first cuckoo makers to discover the thirst for Black Forest cuckoos was global. He made them available not only to tourists but now distributes to numerous countries and even has a catalog printed in 8 different languages!

Designed in Time is very proud to be a part of this new movement and we would be happy to assist you in any of your Black Forest needs!

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