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Parts Your Cuckoo Clock Needs

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

Do you have all the parts to your cuckoo clock?

If you are trying to figure out why your cuckoo clock isn't working, it may simply be because you don't have all the right parts. Check these are all there before preceding to send it out.

1.) Do you have all the weights?

A cuckoo clock should have

  • One weight for the time
  • One weight for the cuckoo bird
  • One weight for the music

Therefore if you do not have music you only need two weights. If you do not have music or a cuckoo bird, you only need one weight. The two gold pine cones below are examples of weights on a novelty cuckoo clock


2.) Do you have the pendulum?

The pendulum is simply the wooden piece that hangs below the clock with the weights. On some Black Forest clocks, it will have a leaf or other decorative feature on it. It should swing back and forth when working on a functioning cuckoo clock. Below is an example of a pendulum.

Cuckoo Clock Pendulum 

3.) Does the back of the clock have a gong attached?

This is what makes the noise when the cuckoo calls at the top of the hour. Without the gong, your cuckoo clock will not be able to chime. The only exception is if you have a quartz clock. This is because the quartz cuckoos typically have a recording of the cuckoo call.


4.) Does the cuckoo clock still have the clock hands attached?

It is not uncommon for the clock hands to break off because if anything is set on top of the cuckoo, the first thing to break is typically the hands.

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