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Top Attractions in The Black Forest

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

The Black Forest has been one of Germany’s premier tourist destinations and for good reason too! It boasts some of the finest outdoor adventures, spas, cuckoo clocks and much more. It’s no wonder that their primary industry is tourism. So, should you ever find yourself in Germany, here are a few must-see tourist destinations.


1.) Lake TitiseeLake Titisee Black Forest

Approximately 66 feet deep and covering 320 acres, this lake is a magical setting and the source of numerous tales. Created by the Feldberg glacier, Lake Titisee has been recorded throughout history and captured the imagination of story tellers across the years.

Today it attracts vacationers during both the winter and the summer. During the winter, if the lake has a solid thickness of 16cm they open certain areas for public use. It was once even used as a landing strip for small aircraft, however, an accident involving a snowplow put an end to this in 1966.

There is one such story includes the Roman General, Titus. He is said to have been so impressed with the majestic lake that he gave his own name to it. A legend also claims that a nobleman named Titini hunted by the lake during the 12th century.

Black Forest Lake TitiseeBlack Forest Kayaking


2.) Triberg WaterfallsTriberg Waterfall Germany


The Triberg Waterfalls stand as one of Germany’s largest with an astounding descent of 535 feet. 

The waterfalls alone are a good reason to stop by and have a visit, however, there is also much village life and culture surrounding the area.

Several well-known cuckoo clock shops exist here, including the famous House of 1000 Clocks. Stop by the Worlds Largest Cuckoo Clock at Eble Watch park and see the 60:1 scale cuckoo clock. Or stop by the famous cuckoo clock maker, Hubert Herr’s factory. He claims to also have the “Worlds Smallest Cuckoo” at just 13.5cm high.

See for yourself if it is really the world’s smallest cuckoo! Triberg is a spectacular place to stop and enjoy the outdoors and also offers fabulous hiking opportunities. Not up for an outdoor hike? Visit the Lookout Stöcklewald! I promise that the panoramic view of the Feldberg and even Swiss Alps is well worth the 127 steps to the top!

Black Forest TribergBlack Forest Triberg Uhren Park


3.) FeldbergFeldberg Black Forest

If you are already in Germany, you absolutely must see Feldberg! It is the highest peak in the Black Forest standing at 4,898 feet, and, apart for the Alps, is the highest peak in Germany.

With bus and train services, you can visit several fantastic sub peaks. It also offers 28 ski lifts around the slopes of Feldberg. In fact, Feldberg is the biggest winter skiing resort in Germany outside of the Alps.

Despite the bitter cold (average temp is 3.9 degrees Celsius!), it is a huge hit for any outdoor adventurer! During the summer, it attracts numerous visitors for its hiking opportunities. There are several manages huts and inns for hiker’s use that are linked together by footpaths.

Feldberg Mountain Germany


4.) Castle KarlsruheCastle Karlsruhe Black Forest

Built between 1715-1718, this castle served as the home for each Duke of Baden for 200 years.

The last Duke was removed in 1918 and the palace has since then turned into a tourist destination. Unfortunately, much of the castle was destroyed during Allied bombing in 1944, though it was quickly restored. The palace’s tower is located at the center and 32 streets radiate from it like the spokes of a wheel or a fan. It has even been nicknamed Fächerstadt, which means “fan city”.


5.) Black Forest Open Air MuseumBlack Forest Open Air Museum

Perhaps one of the most attractive destinations for me is the Open Air Museum. It features a total of 6 fully furnished farmhouses and each demonstrates the lifestyle of the early Black Forest villagers.

Exhibitions include crafts, tools, customs, traditions and the work and lifestyle of early villagers.

Some of the buildings were built on the farmhouse and others were transported there. The farmhouse itself dates back to 1612. This is a must-see for history geeks and those just interested in Black Forest culture.


 Ravenna Gorge Black Forest Ravenna Bridge

6.) For those that enjoy a little outdoor adventure, the Ravenna Gorge is a must see!

The Ravenna stream flows through the gorge and there are several large water falls, with the tallest being a 16-meter drop. Indeed the biggest two waterfalls are aptly named the Great Ravenna Fall and the Little Ravenna Fall. The stream used to have multiple water mills and there are two that have remained preserved. The famous Ravenna Bridge stands at 37 meters high and can be seen from the trails. This is the viaduct of the Hollental Railway.


7.) Baumwipfelpfad SchwarzwaldBaumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald Germany

So I saved the best for last! The best being the Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald.

Have you ever dreamed of walking above a forest?

Well, now you can! This is an “elevated hiking path”.

It is, quite literally, a path above the forest. The total length of the whole path is 1250 meters long and the highlight is the tower that, at its peak, allows you to stand 40 meters above the forest floor.

The rest of the hiking path allows you to explore the forest at a height of 20 meters. The forest you will see is the Bergmischwald forest, one of the National Forests in the Black Forest. It's rather difficult to explain just what it is like to take a tour of a forest 20 meters up, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Baumwipfelpfad Schwarzwald Black Forest


Have you ever been to any of these places? Let me know in the comments!

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