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Why every Decor Devotee needs a Cuckoo Clock

Posted by Megan Mahoney on

Why every Decor Devotee needs a Cuckoo Clock


Why is the Cuckoo Clock about the best thing you ever thought of to decorate your home with?

Where do I begin to answer this question? As someone that likes to think of herself as young and chic, I never really wanted to decorate my home with anything that would look like it came from my Grandma’s kitchen. However, they always say to listen to your elders… And I must agree this time that there is some wisdom to these words!

Far from being your beloved Grandma’s sickly sweet wall ornament, cuckoo clocks were indeed originally gifts of royalty. The first cuckoos were gifted to princes and kings throughout Europe. So if you want to dress your house to impress, it’s about time you jump on this new hot trend!Here’s why:


1.) They are very versatile and can work in a wide variety of homes.

Yup! These don’t belong in a plain shack setting. We see them all the time in modern and Victorian settings and even the occasional log cabin! Here are some images that prove they can fit with anything!

2.) They can blend well with any background color.

That’s right! We have seen them accent steel colored silver rooms, pale blue, wood and even the occasional pink! That means you don’t have to have a boring brown wall paper to make your cuckoo clock blend well with the wall. In fact, not all quality cuckoo clocks are a dark brown color. Many clocks are painted white to add color to a room.

3.) They last for many years to come.

Cuckoo clocks never go out of style. In fact, you will never have to worry about having a clock that was definitely last year’s style. Cuckoo clocks are known for being passed down through families for generations, and many times, the older the clock, the more valuable it is! Imagine if everything we bought got more valuable with age! The cuckoo clock that I cherish and currently hangs on my wall came from my great grandfather during the great depression. Why did he decide to buy a cuckoo clock during that time period? Well, I can only guess that he thought it a better investment than stocks!

4.) Clock walls are the latest greatest trend… according to celebrities

This of all things makes me happiest to see. Many people are decorating boring backgrounds with clock walls. But don’t take my word for it! Celebrity Indian painter, Chandana Sengupta, says that she has multiple clocks showing the times for multiple different locations, such as London and Chicago. I suppose that multiple clocks would serve as more than mere decoration for such individuals! I’m glad I only need to operate in one time zone!

5.) They are kid zone friendly decorations.

Not only do we enjoy looking at these, they are great for your nursery or playroom too! While they are not unbreakable, cuckoo clocks are definitely becoming a permanent fixture in modern nurseries. In order to function properly, they are often hung about 6-7 feet and therefore well out of reach for small children. Not only do children enjoy watching them, but we do too! In fact…

6.) They give the whole family a memory to share.

Yes, it is true that these can become lifelong family memories. My great grandparents passed down the cuckoo clock that I now cherish, though the most valuable aspect of it was the shared time it brought our family. And I’m not the only one! A fellow first-time cuckoo owner says “My wife and kids all line-up a few minutes before the hour the watch the Black Forest show: The doors swings open and out comes Cuckoo! He cuckoos once for every hour; and, if you ever heard a cuckoo sing in the forest you probably have heard the cuckoo's echo - and this clock has it too! Totally surprised ;)”

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