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You want your cuckoo clock assembled. We want you happy.

So here is your 2-minute guide to assembling your Black Forest cuckoo clock! 

Assemble Your Cuckoo Clock in 2 Minutes!


This is a list of steps from the video. It is strongly recommended to watch the video as some of the parts are easier to see than describe.

1.) Make sure you are opening the cuckoo clock's box on the correct side!

2.)Read through the manual, as it will give you great instructions that come with the packaging. Make sure you keep the packing!

3.)Take off the back of the clock. Note- this video opens the back of the clock by prying it open with a screwdriver. Some clocks will have two holes on the removable part of the back where you can just put your fingers in. 

    -Remove the paper from the coil wire on the back that you just removed

    -Remove transport safety device on cuckoo bell- these are the two (or in some cases        one) tabs that are attached to the bellows

4.) Put the back of the clock on your cuckoo clock again

5.) Now take a sizable screw and insert it at an angle into where you plan to hang your clock

6.)Hang your clock 

7.)Look at the bottom of your clock and take off the paper encasing the chains and remove wire encasing chain links

8.)Insert pendulum into the hole at the bottom of the cuckoo clock

9.)Attach weights to provided hooks

10.) Depending on the clock, you may have to remove a tab on the cuckoo door, so that it can open

11.)If your clock comes with the ability to shut off the sound, make sure you turn it on. Some cuckoo clocks have a wire located next to the weights that you can pull. Others have a black lever on the side you can slide

12.)Pull the pendulum once

You are all set!!

If parts of this don't make sense please make sure you watch the video! It gives step by step instructions that will surely make it easier.

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