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Black Forest Seal

We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. In our efforts to continue the tradition, we feel it is necessary to also make you aware of what a true Black Forest Cuckoo Clock is. Many people form across the globe have tried to duplicate the beauty of it, however, none is quite like the original Black Forest Cuckoo.


The Black Forest Seal is a label that proves your clock is authentic from the Black Forest region in Germany. It is a seal provided by the Black Forest Clock association and guarantees the authenticity of the hand craftsmanship you receive. This also means that your cuckoo does not have any electrical parts (yay! no fixing broken electronics!) and is 100% handmade of Linden Wood directly and exclusively from the Black Forest. With the exception of the quartz clocks (which are still handmade in the Black Forest) all of Designed in Time’s clocks can be proven authentic and proudly carry the seal. The only difference with the quartz clocks is that they do not move mechanically and rather run off of battery.


The Black Forest Seal looks like this. Your clock will arrive in the mail with it.

Black Forest Seal 


We warn our friends to beware of duplicates of Black Forest clocks. Many clocks from Asia may look similar, however they are not made of the same lasting wood and often have cheaper carving. While they are very convincing at first glance, many of those who were fooled were greatly disappointed when the clock actually arrived at the front doorstep and found that it looked rather cheap and chintzy. Therefore I strongly recommend not buying overseas and rather work with a cuckoo clock that is from your country.


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