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Does Designed in Time offer Black Forest cuckoo clocks?

Yes! In fact, that is our specialty! The only clocks we sell that are not Black Forest clocks are a few of quartz clocks.

What is a Black Forest cuckoo clock?

Black Forest Clocks are authentic cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest in Germany. To be a true Black Forest clock it must have all major parts made in the Black Forest and work mechanically. Therefore, quartz clocks are not Black Forest clocks. All of our clocks, except the quartz clocks, are Black Forest and will be delivered with the Black Forest seal.

What is a carved cuckoo clock?

A Carved cuckoo clock is a traditional cuckoo clock that features elements of nature from the Black Forest. This is typically leaves with a bird or deer. Some have music and some do not.

What is a chalet cuckoo clock?

Chalet cuckoo clocks are more recent than traditional cuckoo clocks and the main portion of the clock is the chalet, or house. They feature scenes of village life and are known for their figurine movement. Chalet clocks are brightly colored in contrast to carved cuckoo clocks.

There are also three different styles; the Schwarzwald, Swiss and Bavarian. Each style depicts a unique scene from its respective region.

What is a quartz clock?

A quartz clock is battery operated and does not qualify as a Black Forest clock. However they do still look the same as Black Forest clocks as they come in traditional and chalet styles. They are a great opportunity for someone with a limited budget.

What is a “1 Day Clock” and “8 Day Clock”? 

This is simply how often a cuckoo clock’s weights need to be rewound.

-A 1 Day clock needs to be rewound about every 30 hours and has smaller weights than an 8 day.

-An 8 Day clock needs to be rewound once a week.

-Quartz clocks do not have to be rewound as they are battery operated.

*Note: since the cuckoo clock’s weights drop as it unwinds, make sure to hang it about 6 1/2 feet above the ground.

What is Regula movement?

Regula movement is simply the maker of the movements. It is the most common type of movement for cuckoo clocks.

How do I rewind my clock?

This is accomplished by simply pulling the chain as it reaches the ground.

What is night shut off and should I consider it when buying my cuckoo clock?

Night shut off gives you the ability to silence the music and cuckoo element of your clock. Most clocks are able to be shut off manually and some come with automatic night shutoff. If your clock does not have night shut off, you may want to give special consideration to the location your cuckoo clock will be placed in.

Does my cuckoo clock require electricity?

No. They are mechanically run, including the cuckoo. 

What do each of the weights do?

-One weight is for the cuckoo call

-One runs the clock

-If it has three weights, than it will also play music.

How often will the music play?

This depends on the movement of your clock.

-Typically, an 8 Day clock will play music every hour

-1 Day clocks will play music on the half hour and the hour.

-If you have a quartz clock, it will generally play a song on the hour with about twelve different melodies.

 How many tones are in a musical cuckoo clock?

There are about 18-36 different tones in a musical cuckoo clock. Clocks with a higher number of tones typically have a higher quality of sound.

What are the tunes in my cuckoo clock?

It varies, however the most common are “Der fröhliche Wanderer” translated as “The Happy Wanderer” as well as Edelweiss.

Chalet clocks, particularly with beer drinkers, may feature songs such as In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus" and "Trink, Brüderlein Trink”.

I want a clock that has dancing figures and a town scene. What should I get?

A chalet style of cuckoo clock is right for you. This what they are known for. If you don’t mind it not being authentic you can also get a quartz chalet clock.

What type of wood is my cuckoo clock made out of?

All Black Forest clocks are made out of Linden wood from the Black Forest.

How are prices of cuckoo clocks determined?

Cuckoo clock pricing varies though here are a few points that may help.

-Typically, an 8 Day clock is more expensive than a 1 Day clock. This is because you don’t have to rewind an 8 Day clock as much.

-A chalet clock is typically priced higher than a traditional carved cuckoo clock. This is because a chalet cuckoo clock has more elements, such as figurines and movement.

-Hand painting is more valuable and will increase price

-Night shutoff is also a great convenience so its price will cost a little more

How does the cuckoo call occur?

This is actually an ingenious design. Through the mechanical movement of the clock, air is pushed through two chambers, or bellows, and through a whistle that generates the cuckoo clock. This is not present in quartz clocks as they are battery operated and usually their cuckoo is generated by a tape recorder.

Do all clocks have a cuckoo bird?

Yes! All cuckoo clocks will have a bird.

How long do cuckoo clocks last?

Clocks are designed to last about 30 years, making them a great family tradition.

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