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Hanging a Cuckoo Clock

How and where should I hang my cuckoo clock

This is a big FAQ so I decided it would be best to write a new guide regarding the matter.

Where to hang it:

The first consideration is where to hang your clock. It is important that you have 6-7 feet to hang your Black Forest cuckoo clock. This is because the weights will lower before you rewind it again. The one day cuckoo usually needs 6 feet and the eight day cuckoo usually needs 7 feet. If you have to hang it less than 6 feet you will simply have to rewind it more often, it will not damage anything if the weights touch the floor.

Do not hang your cuckoo clock anywhere that is exposed to a draft, heat or is below 40 degrees. This would include a garage, above a heater/fireplace or in a dusty room.

Cuckoo clocks will last for generations with proper care.

When you have drywall:

The best way to securely hang a cuckoo clock is on a stud. A stud is simply a piece of wood under the drywall that will act as a frame. You can find them at every electrical outlet and every corner. They usually are spaced 16” apart, so you can measure 16” from the corner.

If you hang your cuckoo clock by a stud all you need is a minimum 2 inch screw. This you will screw into the wall with the head of the screw tilted slightly upward or about a 45 degree angle. We recommend you leave 1 to a 1/2 inch for the clock to hang on. This is a very sturdy and secure way to hang your cuckoo clock.

If you do not have a stud...

then you must get an anchor.

This is what we recommend that you purchase: http://www.homedepot.com/p/E-Z-Ancor-Twist-N-Lock-75-lb-8-x-1-1-4-in-Philips-Zinc-Plated-Nylon-Flat-Head-Drywall-Anchors-with-Screws-4-Pack-11364/100165900

If not this, we recommend that you buy something that is good for 75lbs. It may seem a bit overboard as your cuckoo clock does not weigh that much, but it is a better to be safe than sorry!

This is a great tutorial on how to install an anchor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFLxQ9aNlrY

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