Cuckoo Clock Maintenance – Designed in Time
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We often are asked about cuckoo clock maintenance. Truthfully though, there is very little that you need to do. Though there are a few things that are worth sharing.

How do I dust my cuckoo clock?

You can dust the main part of your cuckoo clock with a paint brush. If you have figurines, we suggest that you use air spray.

How do I oil gears and chains?

It is unlikely that you will ever have to oil them. If you do, only oil the gears. The oil will then reach the chains from the gears. Be sure that your clock is not above a fireplace when oiling it.

How long will my cuckoo clock last?

It will last generations if it is not damaged and is dusted reasonably.

How often should I dust my cuckoo clock?

This is really just up to you. Unless it there is an excessive amount of dust, it will not effect your cuckoo clock too much. 

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