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Why Cuckoo Clocks?

Gift Shopping: 5 hours to 5 minutes

Why Cuckoo Clocks Are Your Solution


If you are looking for a cheap gift... you're wasting your time here

If you want something meaningful and important... Read on!


You are probably a perfectionist and want the gift to be absolutely perfect.

But you can't find anything that you really like.

Is this too cheap or chintzy? Will she actually want it?

What if someone else brings the same thing?


It definitely puts a damper on the celebration and well...


It sucks :(

BUT! I finally found the solution to that a little while back :)

Anyway… Story Time:

I plan this huge party for my grandma’s birthday. I mean the works- cake, venue, decorations!


But on the day of the actual party, I turned up the only person without a spectacular gift. When a friend asked me where my gift was I had some pathetic excuse about how I got the cake.


It wasn’t that I didn’t want to get my grandma a good gift, it’s that I just didn’t know what to give her!

Fast forward and I’m getting ready for a friend’s wedding. This time I came across an online cuckoo shop.

I'll admit I was a little nervous. It was a sizeable investment and I didn't know if she would like it. 

I bought it anyway because...

  • I knew she would see how much I really cared
  • It was unique and different and had some of the best detail work I had seen in a craft. 

This time my gift was a HUGE hit!



Ever since cuckoos have been sort of a go-to gift.

And worth every penny of the smile.

What made it the perfect gift? It was…

  • Unique to that person
  • Authentic
  • An accurate representation of how much she means to me

Now I am super picky about the quality of the gifts that I give. But the Black Forest cuckoos I carry have always surpassed my personal quality requirements because they...

  • Come directly from Germany
  • Are made by the same family brand that first created Black Forest cuckoos
  • Actually were originally gifts for royalty
  • Hand carved and painted!!

Here is what I can offer you:

  • Hassle free gift shopping (As in you are done shopping in 5 minutes)
  • Support from the Designed in Time team for years to come
  • A cheaper option to importing
  • A meaningful gift that lasts 30 years

Ok so what exactly is it that you get when you get a clock from me??

A complete Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock:

(Bonus: Comes with Black Forest Seal of authenticity!)

You are getting a cuckoo complete with weights and pendulum made directly in the Black Forest in Germany.

-All cuckoo clocks sold by Designed in Time arrive complete (not in a million little pieces that have to be assembled) and only need the weights and pendulum attached.

My Quality Guarantee:

I sell cuckoos with the guarantee that your gift shopping is meaningful and finished.

What that means: I guarantee that your gift will be well received so you will NEVER be embarrassed at the celebration.

So if either the recipient of the gift OR you are not 110% thrilled with your new clock, we will take the cuckoo back in 30 days. No questions asked.

BONUS: We are going to be there for you for years after your purchase. That means that if you ever need repair work done you can always contact us and we will solve any repair issues at a discount.

Who this is NOT for:

 This is an investment that really shows a person how much they mean to you.

I don’t recommend giving this to an average friend or someone you have known for a short period of time.


This really shows a lot of commitment to that person and it might creep them out if you have only spoken to them a few times or have known them for like... a week. But if you have known them for several months or speak to them often, this is a great idea.


Is a Black Forest Cuckoo Right For Me?


-I need a unique gift for someone special

-I want to treat myself and get a beautiful clock

-I want to decorate my home with quality

-I want handmade quality

-I want it to come with a certified seal that shows the quality

-I want to liven up my house


-I want something cheap

-Haven’t known that person for a long time

-I’m not a close friend


Is Designed in Time the place I should get my cuckoo from?


  • I want it to come with ENGLISH instructions (Yes, few German made clocks come with English)
  • I want lifelong domestic repair support
  • I want to have the option to ship my clock back (and not pay international shipping)
  • I want it to be authentic from the Black Forest (not a knock-off)
  • I want to talk to a real live native ENGLISH speaker should I want help setting it up
  • I need it shipped quickly
  • I want free shipping
  • I want a wide selection of clocks that have been thoroughly sorted into groups that fit my needs


  • I don’t mind the hassle of speaking with people directly in Germany
  • I don't mind if it is a fake
  • I don’t mind waiting several months for my clock to come
  • I don’t mind spending hours of my precious time sifting through pages and pages of foreign clocks

So now is the time to finally check gift shopping off your list. It’s quick and easy!


But maybe you are overwhelmed by the selection?

These are five clocks that we have picked out already for you.

Some of them are wedding themed, some traditional and some just general party themed.

If you’re like me, you probably use “thinking on it” and “waiting” as a justified form of procrastination...

But let’s be real- if you don't do it now you are probably going to wait until the night before and then freak out.

“But I just can’t justify paying $300 for a clock!”

 It’s not a cheap gift.

But if you’re looking for a cheap gift I will definitely tell you that you are probably wasting your time at my store. I’m a “more about quality than quantity” kinda girl.

For those of you that are more interested in buying meaningful gifts, I think you will understand and probably be ok with spending that much.

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